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Musically minded clothing and gift designs for kids and adults!

Atlanta Music Box is your PREMiere resource for music class

The Atlanta Music Box Curriculum teaches the fundamentals of music theory and appreciation all while engaging students in high energy and age appropriate

activities such as singing, dancing, creative movement, memory games and more.
Classes are developmentally designed for online students

ages 3-6 and for in-school students from ages 4 months-6 years.

Students of Atlanta Music box are aided in the development of motor skills, expand their communication abilities, gain confidence & a sense of belonging and often move on to take formal music lessons.

Nurture your child's natural musical abilities

with music classes! 

register for a FREE online CLASS.

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Support the music lover in your life with unique musically inspired designs on t-shirts, pillows, wall art and more!


Great as gifts for children and adults!


The Atlanta Music Box's Blog is a great way to inspire the little musicians in your life. 

From learning new activities and projects to try at home or in classes as well as color activity packs and more! 

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